Reviews for "Tales from Mod Meat 07"


The people rating this with a low score cannot grasp the magnitude of your genius.

Two Thumbs Up

Every second of this flash, I just wanted to reach out and help poor Jason get to that train. Seriously, you portrayed that moment perfectly. Great job.

Stunning, simply stunning

A magnificent portrayal of one man's struggle to catch up with a world that is constantly pulling ahead of him. A triumph of minimalistic animation portraying a complex human drama in a gripping and compelling manner. You learn to love, hate, and empathize with Jason throughout his trials and tribulations.

Bravo sir, bravo.

Fucking Epic

Oh Jason, when will you ever learn? This will go down in NG history as the greatest Flash achievement of all time.


Also, cocks.

remember kids

when you snooze, you lose. also, you can get front page with a shit movie too, if you make the movie with Tom sitting less than 50 feet away. DON'T GIVE UP THE DREAM! also, best modmeet ever. also cocks.