Reviews for "Tales from Mod Meat 07"

I cried so hard

I cried because of the sheer talent and creativity this flash brings to Newgrounds. It touched me in ways that would make grown men cry.

A beautiful job.

Thank You

The mods have FINALLY gotten their due.

The sound was a 0, the graphics a 0, sound a 0, Interactivity a 0, Violence a 0.

But the humor brings this to a 10.
LoL, thanks.

the most stupidest ever

that was the most stupidest thing i've ever watched on newgrounds, that wasnt funny at all, it was a loop of some guy crying....so what...

Truly Epic.

Nothing compares. The Philly reference, the Rainbow shaded T-Shirt and the best soundtrack ever.

I did not deserve to witness this for free.

Pure, distilled awesome!

Thanks for another awesome front-page submission, and thanks again for the cool whistle point farm.

Also, I think Lord-Sonx wants to be modded.