Reviews for "Night of the sticky dead5"

very very very very good

that was the best of them all but i hate there is not come more that here has not a ending and i dont no how it end if there not come more but it get all 10 stars from me

OMG!!! You rock!

this is so awesome its just such a shame that you decided to quit flash. Because you really are good at it. You deserve waaay more attention than this....

holy ****!!!

that was hilarious!!! you really should make more like this


dude that was awsome!! i cant tell u the way i feel expet 4 joy! an way not make a part 6 i mean it can b the end it den even show whert mike died or if they killed spike! or if mike turned or where joey an mike are i encurge u 2 make 1 last 1 please!


Make the 6th, I don't care if you take 4 years to make it , just please make it. All pieces that take time are great movies, to bad that it was too short....