Reviews for "L.O.V.E And You & I"


There's just something about this flash that doesn't qualify. It's either the flash or something, just something depressing about it. But nice touche with the lip synch, just practise more on the flash with characters drawing and you'll be all set!

MarcyVF responds:

..................... Umm............... Well, the song IS SUPOSED to be sad and melancolic, and I CAN draw.... Watch "Långsamt" by me. a 2? Ok.....

I liked the concept

The way this flash was presented really helped in bringing about a feeling of you know maybe something is missing. Though it was wasnt the best of animations it it was good in parts like when the boy sat on the bench. THe song wasnt all that bad as you said its really cool. There are stuff you can work on so keep drawing and you'll get better. Good one though.

MarcyVF responds:

LOL I CAN draw and I CAN ANIMATE!!!!!! Watch my "skater" series or "Långsamt"....... this is a "yotam perel-style inspiration" :P


very very nice job. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Even though nothing blew me away about it, it got increasingly a bit better as the video went along and that is a sure treat! :D
I really liked this, dunno what else to say.
With your unique style and taste in music, you bring something special to Newgrounds. Thanks :)

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks! :) I think you're one of them who has understood the sense of this movie. :D


well its a movie but its still good job well no one is perfect at animation
but still you need to make better but this i give this movie a overall 8

MarcyVF responds:

Lol the character-simpelyness is a part of the style. Watch "Långsamt" or "Skater."

Whao that's cool

A truly nice video music, dude!
If the graphics were'nt so basic, this could be a masterpiece!

Crunk Fo'Shizzle for you (this means I voted 4/5)!

MarcyVF responds:

Hehe, Thanks, dude! :) You did think the music was wierd didn't you... :D Thanks for the review!