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Reviews for "Ragdoll - Free Ball 2"

A bit hard with the red ball.

Yah, a great game, but the blood wasn't good enought. And it was a bit hard when the red ball pops in and whenever it touches you your score restarts. But still a great game!Record:34 sec...

KynetiK-27 responds:

The time reset was just a quick way to prevent some exploits. It made it a LOT harder as a result lol

luv it

haha i act like the stick is the kid im the mom tryin to wake him up on monday morning except more violently.lol

KynetiK-27 responds:

A random analogy...but thanks ^_^

fun for all of five minutes

Awesome game! but soon after i was getting tired of the same strategy.
and i found out that when you are in the air, start kicking in both directions repeatedly. You will fly upward!

i foun some kinda cheat

umm game is awesome but the green ball stuck in the wpper-right corner and stand there forever. I got 2:32 cuz the red ball. Fix this.

my record

my record is 1:19.92 awesme game dude