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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

It was okay.

It lacked a lot of action but the style of it was really nice.

Awesome and creative

This is a great game and there's quite a bit of strategy with when to reveal and when to move, ect. I was very impressed by this game. Sound was kinda boring, but the art was fantastic and the game as a whole was very solid.

Nice work.

Glitch on Genius...

I have this computer's last piece trapped in a corner so that no matter where he moves, he'll lose and I'll win my second round. Unfortunately, he's been "thinking" for awhile now so I'm about to forced to exit the game and not be able to submit my high score. This problem needs to be fixed

Great Game :B

I really love this flash, very adictive and very well done..
I just think that it is a matter of luck sometimes..

PS: Try to make new features, like new backrounds, the colour of the oponent monsters and yours that would be nice if we could change it...

General its a 8..
keep up the good work

Very addicting game!

I played it and got hooked, it's fun and easy to play.