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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

not too bad

this is a really good game. i really liked the fact that you have no idea who's piece you would raise from the ground.

there isn't really much more to say i liked the graphics and the graveyard theme. although if you plan on making another graveyard chess games maybe throw in some other playing fields like instead of a graveyard maybe on a battle field where instead of tomb stones you have rotted corpes.

Great Game :B

I really love this flash, very adictive and very well done..
I just think that it is a matter of luck sometimes..

PS: Try to make new features, like new backrounds, the colour of the oponent monsters and yours that would be nice if we could change it...

General its a 8..
keep up the good work

Very addicting game!

I played it and got hooked, it's fun and easy to play.

Not bad.

It was a pretty good game. Nice graphics and all. The gameplay was a bit confusing though.

Good game, but found 1 flaw.

I've never played a game like this, so it took me a while to get accustomed to it. I've never heard of chinese "blind" chess, but it seems like an interesting game, I might try to find someplace that plays it that way.

Anyway, the bug I found was that on the genius level, the computer is obviously trained not to lose. It is fine with a stalemate, regardless of whether it will win or not by the points, but it refuses to lose. As you begin to pin the final enemy piece, the CPU starts "thinking" longer and longer, even if it has only 1 move where the result isn't death. Once you do have it pinned, the computer goes into a permanent "thinking" state, and it never makes that final forced move where you can kill the last piece and clear the board. As a result of this, the player can never actually beat the computer in this manner, and is forced to pin the last piece down, but not entirely, and let it move back and forth for a stalemate (and resulting victory by points).

I find this horribly frustrating for obvious reasons. Also, one instance I have no encounterd yet, but I suppose is possible, is if each side has one piece remaining, and the pieces are of equal strength. If the player pins the CPU into a forced move to their death, they will just freeze up, meaning the player's only recourse is to wait for the stalemate,with no victory since the points on each side will be equal.

If a sequel is made, you have to allow the computer on genius level to accept defeat.

If you wish to recreate an instance I had, here's the first one I got, using the lower left corner as the origin:

Pawns: (3,1) (4,2) (5,4)
Rooks: (1,1) (2,5) (2,6) (5,1)
Knights: (6,2)
Bishops: (3,3) (4,4)
Queen: (6,4)
King: (5,5)

Enemy Queen: (6,6)

It was the computer's turn, and it refused to move, it just kept thinking, resulting in my having to quit the game.