Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

More like Stratego than chess

Good game overall. I'm generally not too big on games where your strategy has to be helped out by your luck, and this is definitely one of those - with a run of bad reveals (the computer getting king and queen out early, for instance) you can very quickly wind up low on pieces. I guess that's why it's best 2 out of 3, though.
There's also basically no advantage to being the one doing the revealing - it wastes a turn, and doesn't influence the piece selected, so I found that moving around, even meaninglessly, and letting the computer do the revealing worked best.
I think the stalemate rule should only kick in once there are fewer than 4 pieces left on a side. Until then, there's always a way to trap down.
Again, good stuff - simple to learn and fun to play.

Holy crap this game is FUN!

I'm addicted. Brilliant game. Whatever it lacks in technical aspects, it makes up in addicting and smart gameplay. Well done.

Really good game!

I played it for a while just and it was fun the character were cool,the style was cool, everything about was good, but just got boring pretty fast. (I don't like to give 10s so have a nine)


Pretty fun though it has a few weak points

It's quite a fun little game if you need to waste some time. I find it slightly flawed though for the one thing with the power level of 5 can only be killed by the most powerful ghoul. Take time to kill the pawns, and you're pretty much garunteed a win. Even the 'genius' level was pretty easy. Other than that, it was an interesting take on the basic chess game. I enjoyed it.


it took me a while to understand its mechanics fully, but i eventually got it *after reading the instructions over and over* and i finally picked it up, great game, i got addicted, so yea keep up the good work, i like the them as well.