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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

I like this game a lot

My suggestions mainly have to do with the draw mechanism. In this game, 25 moves sometimes just isn't enough, there's a lot of shuffling that you want to do to get your pawns or whatever in the right place. You should make it so that after 25 moves of inaction, the player has the OPTION to take a draw.
Also, your computer AI (even on "genius") is pretty stupid, but that's OK, the main problem is that it goes into infinite loops chasing one unit back and forth with another. Maybe that's a flaw in the structure of the game--that it is so prone to draws--but the AI could be programmed to detect a repeated sequence of moves and avoid repeating moves unless there is a big disadvantage if it doesn't repeat.

It's a pretty fun game, there are only 3 units worth much: pawns, kings, and queens. The other 3 units are only useful for killing pawns.

Great game, but not anything like Chinese Chess

It takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use the luck-based piece summoning to your advantage, but after that, this is a really fun and addictive game to play.

I don't know why you compare it to Chinese Chess. I've checked the rules of Chinese Chess, as well as several other chess-like games from different cultures, and it is not similar to any of them, least of all Chiness Chess, which, like "Western Chess", is far more complicated.

Some other reviewers have claimed there is a strong similarity to stratego, but that is not the case either.

It's hard to say if this game is unique in its rules, but I cannot find any other game like it.

Graphics are good, animation could be better.


the stalemate mechanic is really enoying it should tirgger at least 5 turns later

Except for that: great game

wery funny but

its stupid that your bricks cant move more than one space. i wish there was the horse or the rocks abylityes with it.

This game is so much fun that I'm making a board game version of it ... With Free World Studios' approval, of course! I mean... Genuinely fun game. Even my 7-year old loves it because the aspect of hidden players makes it exciting and somewhat random, so even he feels he has half a chance against a more strategic opponent.