Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Two major strikes which would each ruin it alone

First, the deciding factor in this game is luck, and will always be luck. For a game of this type that is unacceptable. Second, it is almost impossible to tell your own pieces from the enemy's except by clicking on each one to see if it'll let you move them. That's not very fun.

Not bad.

It was a pretty good game. Nice graphics and all. The gameplay was a bit confusing though.


Great game, nicely put together. The graphics are as good as they need to be without being distracting or hurting gameplay, very addictive game. I found it pretty tough at first but I came to get a lot better at it. It's not one you can be immediately good at, even if you are good at chess. But it's worth the effort!


This is a good game.

Graphics 7
Gameplay 5
Music 8
Overall 7

The characters looked like drawings and U have given them good names for this game. whenever i play easy its easy but whenever i play the others its 2 hard like when i tried normal almost everytime i spawn it spawns thers and when it spawns mine it is a low powered 1 next 2 a high powered 1. Or when it spawns a high powered 1 thats mine gets pummled by a higher powered 1 after a few turns. i am mostly smart at chess but i'm not very good at luckbased chess.

Not much skill/ Well made

Luck screwed me over it seemed whenever i spawned something they spawned something better near it
Very addictive