Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

The best!

An excellent strategy game, one I play frequently. For those that say it's all about luck- well... I just played on the mose difficult level and my opponent got their four best pieces out early on, before I'd got any (well... I think I had a weak rook on the other side of the board at best. They just kept hacking through mine. The worst luck, yes? But I managed to turn it around, not by madly clicking around, hoping to stumble across my pieces. I made sure that I clciked in the right places, away from theirs, sure I didn't find my king or queen, but I got a bishop, and due to my tactical positioning, that alone could hold them off. All this time I was being eaten away at, if it DOES ll come down to luck then there's no way I could've won. But I managed to find my king eventually, and after a couple of exchanges, Ihad their queen cornered and my queen had been unearthered by my opponent.
Point is, I went from a situation where I genuinly thought I ha dno chance to win, to one where victory was more or less guarenteed. In fact if the game hadn't finished early, I would've got a total demolition of my opponent's pieces. Anyway, point is, though it can seem slightly luck-based at first, it is a great and rewarding game, which I fully recommened to anyone who has the patience to learn basic strategies for it.

Welll ^^

This would be cooler with Robots.


the stalemate mechanic is really enoying it should tirgger at least 5 turns later

Except for that: great game

Quite Good

It was enjoyable but i highly doubt there was a 50/50 chance, out of all the squares the enemy unite in 2/3 games got double the troops than me, really just silly. The music is also good, just try change the chances a bit <3 unless i seem to be the only one. Bar that it was quite enjoyable.

Maybe you can make another version if this one goes well, i like the idea of the stronger pieces not being removed by the weaker <3 also the names ^^ quite good. Keep up the Good work

This is My All-time Favorite Game!

While I understand that many players find this game frustrating, I believe this is mostly because the game requires a particular kind of strategy to win (not just clicking randomly next to pieces and hoping for the best). The author would do well to include a strategy guide in addition to the usual tutorial (so as not to invoke the wrath of newbies). After all, this is a *different* kind of game, unfamiliar to many people. This game is a variation on Chinese Blind Chess (a.k.a. Banqi or Half Chess), and those struggling with the game might search for the relevant strategy guides. Once you learn the winning strategy, you can win at least 9 out of 10 games against the AI. I have played this game hundreds of times (I have a quick-link to this page), and it is my all-time favorite flash game. Great job author!