Reviews for "Tomb Chess"


Honestly it could be fun but personally i just dont like it.


very nice


great game,i dont know why it was rated low.i give 4


great concept, great music, and great art work. The only thing is how unfair it is. When i get a level 3 guy, the computer gets 2 level 4 guys...next to me...another thoing is that the king spawned next to one of their pawns ( and i counted ) 9 times out of 10. That was enough to get me pissed,lol. You may want to make the game more 50/50 and less 70/30.


if u open you big guy near the beginning, NEVER open the tombs around him. get a guy to stand near it and wait for the ai to open it.

if you still have your snake person and they dont, it is ok to sacrifice your big guy if it means killing theirs.

they snake person is probably more useful than the big guy because there are a lot more guys that can kill the big guy than her.

dont be stupid, dont chase unless they cant kill you at all

start near the middle when you start clearing peices

Hopefully with this advice and YOUR brain you can beat the ai :)