Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Very nice

Awesome game. Slightly confusing at first but pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

wery funny but

its stupid that your bricks cant move more than one space. i wish there was the horse or the rocks abylityes with it.

I like it

I think this game is fun. Nice change of pace from the regular chess.

frustrating, unfair and unexplainable losses

I find it strange that when you raise something your opponent takes control of it, and vice versa, Its incredibly hard to win, especially since all my peices seems to have "Illegal" moves despite the fact an identical piece my opponent controled did the exact same move. if this were undead themed chess with a balanced amount of pieces on either side of the board then this might be a redeeming factor. even though I read the instructions through I still had difficulty realising why my opponents took peices I raised. an error that causes the game to be frustrating, a good idea, just very frustrating to play

this game is not fun

it's to unbalanced... I don't like the chance at getting a peice. I would rather have the same number of peice. I got like 5 peices and the rest went to the other team. Unfair and unfun.