Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Alot of fun.

great idea very original and allot of fun to play. Wish it had online multi-player. but over all awesome game.


if i wanted to play a game were everytime i started out the other team had the advantage of 8 people and i died i would go play i wanna be the guy this is a stupid game and is a waste of time

If I wanted a game of chance...

I would have played Tomb Poker. This game is 1 part strategy to 10 parts luck. How well you do depends almost entirely on how the game randomly places your pieces. I've gotten some enjoyment out of it, but I feel this game would have been vastly improved it had merely been chess with cemetery-themed pieces.

this would have been cool IF..

If you used the real chess moves it would be better actull if you just made it chess with ghoulish pieces it would have been cool but this was just a mess and nothing similar to chess besides the names

Not Ballenced, Not good.

This is a game of little, if any strategy at all. What you have made is a game of chance. I don't understand how this game is getting as good of rating as it's getting as anyone who really plays chess would abhor this. You could have every pawn on the board as your own but one, yet if they had a Medusa they would win.

My suggestion to you is remove the chance of the peices being yours or the other.
Make an array of pieces that you can roll from, each side equal. ( So you have a random chance of what peice you will get but you can only get so many of each.. equal to the other player.
Also figure another way to handle who has more power then the other.. Perhaps add hit-points and remove the "This guy can't attack this guy".

This would balance out the game considerably and give you a more strategic approach then winning.

I give it a four because I like the flash itself, I just don't like the game at all.