Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

This is a classic! a must play every Halloween.

To Sir-Fally

1) The game labels itself as chess. Hence it should be chess. So when people come to a game called "Chess" and don't get chess, it's not their fault.

2) The point of "strategy" is to minimize the need for luck. Which given that the people come to this game expecting the strategy-based chess, and come to a luck-based game like this...the claim is to be expected.

3) Again, it's a chess-based thing: chess is a game where the pieces do have a score but rank doesn't matter if the plays are right. A pawn is easily able to take a queen. The point-based taking system prevents such use of strategy.

Next time you tell people to stop their whining, keep in mind that they express their opinions of a game they have no reason to assume they won't like.

There's an obvious difference between "Chess" and "Happy Barbie Ponytime Adventure: Part 2", but not so much between "Chess" and "Tomb Chess". Even more-so when the game is given the genre of "skill", which indicates more the use of strategy than luck.


I did come into this assuming it was basic chess, but this is nothing like chess. I would have suggested using a different name, but I guess its too late now. However annoying the luck based system may be, the more annoying bit is the stalemates. Chasing a piece around the board is no fun, and its even worse when they are both of equal rank.



great game!

i've been playing this game since it was uploaded here, from time to time. its a great game with strategy and luck.

to all the bloody fools, crying here:
yes, it's not chess. if you want to play chess do so.
yes, it contains luck. if you hate luck in strategy games, play chess.
yes, the main source of strategy is rock-scissor-paper principle. (and its great)
no, it's not unfair. you got the same pieces as your openent. use them wisely and you will win most of the times.

if you are loosing all the time: it's not the game. it's you! either you have incredible bad luck or you are lacking strategy...