Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Fun Game XD

A bit hard to begin, But once you get used to it, Lots Of Fun.

Great Game :B

I really love this flash, very adictive and very well done..
I just think that it is a matter of luck sometimes..

PS: Try to make new features, like new backrounds, the colour of the oponent monsters and yours that would be nice if we could change it...

General its a 8..
keep up the good work

A worthy chess remake

I really enjoyed it. Im pretty good. Try making it an online game:)

high score

got the top score of 648 (skeet). Its really not that hard once you get used to it, but really addictive. Once you get good enough to win genius consistently try going for points. Stalemates are key for high scores, whether it is so you can win a game without having to sacrafice some of your pieces just to wipe out the CPU, or to lose and still keep as many points as possible. Even if you think you can win before all 7 rounds are through its better to lose a few and get as many points as possible and win it on the 7th round.

Great game.


i would play the game if it would fit in my web browser whenever it gets to the instructions i can't hit anything because they are below the bottom of my browser and i can't scroll down cause the game comes with it what should i do...or if there is nothing i can do please do something cause i want to play it