Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

A good game but...

So this is basically a mix between stratego and chess, an overall goodgame and I like the unique element of neither playing seeing the units.

Really Good!!

First Off.. Awesome game! follows the general rules of chinese chess brilliantly with a fun twist :)
Which leads me to moaning at morons who can't read..

Digital-Squid, Chinese chess is not the same as Western chess!! It's a more skill based game then our form because we in the western world seem to think games have to be easier to be fun.

Too luck-based

Decent game, but too much of it comes down to luck. Nothing worse than clicking a tomb and giving the other guy some super-unit, which then promptly kills one of your units. Really frustrating. It's too luck-based to be a good puzzle.

Uhm nice idea!

It's a great idea and all, just a shame the pieces don't actually do what they are supposed to in real chess, for instance pawns can take enemies one square infront even diagonally as long as it's in front yet I can't do that on here... Maybe I just misread a rule or something but even so :P

it is hard

its hard but not that hard its a nice game all in all