Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Excellent Chinese Hidden Chess Game

This flash game is an excellent creation based upon the Chinese Hidden Chess which is rarely known to the Westerners. The Chinese Hidden Chess are played with the normal Chinese Chess pieces and board; however, all the pieces are mixed and placed upside-down to hide their identity. The rules of the Chinese Hidden Chess are the same as per this flash game introduced.

In general, an excellent chess game designed into a gothic and necromancia style.

Great game, but not anything like Chinese Chess

It takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use the luck-based piece summoning to your advantage, but after that, this is a really fun and addictive game to play.

I don't know why you compare it to Chinese Chess. I've checked the rules of Chinese Chess, as well as several other chess-like games from different cultures, and it is not similar to any of them, least of all Chiness Chess, which, like "Western Chess", is far more complicated.

Some other reviewers have claimed there is a strong similarity to stratego, but that is not the case either.

It's hard to say if this game is unique in its rules, but I cannot find any other game like it.

Graphics are good, animation could be better.


I give it a ten..its in my favorites and i still come back and play every once in a while

interesting game

Love the concept, but it is more like statego. Maybe if luck was not such a major factor it could be a lot more fun. I look forward to seeing a second version. Update it and make the board bigger maybe?


I'm a chess lover and basically,it's COMPLETELY different when compared with chess and your type of "Chess".In fact,it has totally NOTHING related to chess except for the fact that the names are slightly alike.There isn't much strategy needed in this game,all your require is the word "luck".I also don't see anything related to chinese chess,and the rules are totally different.I also reckon smaller strength pieces should be able to kill the higher strength pieces.Say,any general can be killed by a mere rookie,can't they?