Reviews for "Tomb Chess"


Entertaining for a good while, but. It is damn annoying that it's mostly luckbased.

not bad

Good but needs improvements. Easy option too easy win, others hard to win

great game

easy and addictive, u ppl just say theres no skill cuz u have none, if i can win the majority of my games then its not luck, try not summoning next to enemy pawns or your own king, obviously


This game isn't based on Chinese Chess... I can't see any similarities! 6 for the graphics though...

What flyingmonkey456 Said

Great graphics, but it's just like flyingmonkey456 said. I have only one thing to add to his comment. I was about to win, and I got into a position where it was impossible to win. I had only my queen left, and my opponent had only one of their rooks left. I was chasing it, but because all the pieces moved the same, I couldn't get it, and so I got a stalemate.