Reviews for "Visionary [Original Mix]"


The mix of the bass and that percussion thing in the very first second sounds so nice and crunchy and well rounded. Best attention-grabber sound I've heard all day.

The strings sound a bit flabby. I can't hear if you put sidechained compression on them or if you achieved the effect from pure overcompression.

I love the intro, just because the percussion sounds so nice. Good tune.

Thank God For 15MB

If it wasn't for the 15MB limit increase, this song in its entirety wouldnt ever see the light of the portal. Thanks a lot for uploading this for everyone. I can finally enjoy the full version of this baby.I have been waiting for a while to hear it... and now, a reivew!

First of all, I think the bass is orgasmic. It is like you are banging the heads of unicorns against a subwoofer and recording it. Totally enjoyable man. The depth of everything in this song, its "color", is amazing. There are so many layers of very well made synths that combine to create Visionary. I can see a vision of everything in this song.

At 4 minutes, thing start to get interesting as the climax of the song builds up into a main synth fest. I love that da da da do do sound. The lead trance synth is crazy awesome. I really get sucked into this song in a euphoric state. I was hoping that you could throw in more of a dirty kick to the bass, but its current deep percussion state is still really awesome.

Keep up your hard work man.

Oh man!

Quite an asskicking track you have here. It's a very atmospheric kind of song, meaning is filled copious amounts of pad. Not saying that's a bad thing. I also enjoy the leads, as far between as they are.

I give you two thumbs up. Keep making more songs!

I HATE IT! Just Kidding!

It's alright but an idea for the future is to make different tracks for different effects. I couldn't really get into the music because you waved every effect on the song. Now I do know that it is a harder task to do this, but it doesn't hurt at all to take that time needed. And also, being quite a musician, offbeats are cool. It's what makes music, but if an entire section is filled with the blasted things, it just goes confusing :P But overall it is quite a piece. I hope you take these ideas, but try to mix them with both your taste and a new style. Always try something new.

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I like it

Love that sound quality, i really need to learn more about mastering. I really don't like long intros but that's just more like a personal taste. All synths sound good and balanced. The pads were pretty nice too.Sounds very professional.


Ruben -Acid Paradox-

Kazmo responds:

Thanks Paradox! :D