Reviews for "Visionary [Original Mix]"

Very nice

Almost got up and danced with it if I knew how to dance lol. But very well done, nice tempo and rhythm and all that! Very well done

This is well done.

Great atmosphere, I really enjoy the buildup. You sir/madam know what you're doing with trance, and know what trance is :)

Definitely a good sounding mix, I wish I could EQ like that., Overall it's 5/5 and 10/10 from me.

I haven't finished the song yet, and you have been fav'd.

What's your secret?

How do you get all the sounds to stand out uniquely? Whenever I try any mastering work, It just doesn't equal out? Are you using FL Studio? If so, are you using a specific mastering effect on the master volume? or the same effect on each track? I must know! It's very well done.

this is a review

did you konw taht you can raed tihs baeucse ur awosme

yeah i said it

a little long intro

I love this song at around 1:50 and to the end, but the intro was a bit long.
The hard and fast bass and the slow and light synth makes this song something you can listen to again and again without getting bored.