Reviews for "Visionary [Original Mix]"

oh yeah

very good music ;)


Disappointing... I'm very very sorry to say this but I was really disappointed with this track.

You built a lot of expectation with this piece just to slap us in the face at the part when you're supposed to feel the ecstasy, whats supposed to be the climax of the song... you totally blown it man... and I'm... I just... I can't believe I'm saying this, cause I had such high expectations on this track, I thought this was going to be your 9th Symphony, your chef-d'%u0153uvre... But it wasn't -.-

A really lame climax, thats what I would call it, also what the bloody hell was that build up man? Right at 4:02 I was like "HELL YEAH! Something big and awesome is coming!". And at 4:15 I was like "WHAT THE #$&%!!! That's it? Is it over already?"
Just to follow it up with an even lamer chorus/"climax", it didn't even felt like a chorus, it felt more like the missing part after 2:08 to continue building tension... Also that synth you used for the "melody" is to weak and hollow to be used as a main synth, it worked for the build up, but it just fails as the main voice.

I think you didn't put as much heart on the composition as you've done before, and don't get me wrong, the mixing, EQing, mastering, etc are perfect as always, hell even the name is perfect for this track! Its definitely a great vision, but thats it, it never feels accomplished or realized.

For me everything is perfect up until 4:15, I particularly digg the beautiful pads at 2:26, I almost shed a tear in that part, but I was destroyed after listening to the whole track...

A beautiful vision, though never fully realized...


P.S. Work a bit more on your melody writting, this melody was O K, but very easy to forget, also perfect your build ups, don't just rush to throw in the chorus, it doesnt matter if the track gets past the 10min mark, do it right!

Kazmo responds:

Way to go on and assume that I haven't put much work into this. I spent well over 2 months on this single track. I'm sorry you expected something from me too, because I sure as hell don't expect anyone to expect me to make something to their tastes. I just make what I make, and if you don't like it, or are "disappointed", then that's too bad.

Another thing that I couldn't help noticing that you blatantly said was that I needed to work on my melody writing and build ups. I've been making music for over 4 years now, as well as having piano background for 17 years, so I don't know what made you think I needed to work on those things.

"I was destroyed after listening to the whole track..." what a LOVELY thing to say.

JohnnyFrizz, don't be a douche. Thanks.


am i high, this song is perfect, it incorperated every sound just right, the relaxing sounds mixed with the beat makes both intense, i love techno and trance, thanks

Very, very good.

Is that awesome bass I hear too?

This is totally great trance song, I give it 10/10 for it's awesome.

I'M rolling BAWLS

Epic Shit!