Reviews for "Visionary [Original Mix]"

Respect dude

Excellent, realy Excellent
11/10 :P


You realize, you are having the sex with my ears! They love you and want MOAR! Seriously, this is so close to pro. You have a trully amazing talent and ear. Im really jelly face (jealous).

oh man

Der Song ist auch absolut Hammer auch wenn mir hir und da ein crash fehlt. (4:15..) :D

Just what I was looking for

I'm usually open to all sorts of Techno/Trance, but when I lean over to Trance, this is what I like/love to hear. This is real Trance and I love it :D

Good shit

Some reaaaal nice progressive trance right here. I love that bass, would be great if you could share you secrets :P

The mastering is real good, maybe a little more bass and tone down the highs and it would be perfect. The track progresses very nicely, quite easy to just sit and listen. The AP needs more Trance artists like you!