Reviews for "Chain Reaction (3D)"


if i could, id give u a 25 in graphics, i love chain reactions, and i love 3d animation, so i think you should make some more of these...if you can, overall, really cool, and really awesome


That was very impressive!

I really enjoyed that. I hope you'll do more. Keep it up. :)


Wow! That's one nice flash! Keep 'em comin'!

Pretty damn good...

I LOVE THE MUSIC. I know the band and the song name. "Its just like you imagined" By nine inch nails. MY FRIGGIN FAV BAND WOOOOO. KK. Now to the animation.

1.Graphics: Good, i give the graphics a ten.

2. style: nice in my perspective, a ten also.

3. Sound: 10!!!!!!! I FUCKING LOVE NIN!!!!

4. Violence: 0 There was no violence but still no penalization for that.

5. interactivity: WTF IS INTERACTIVITY??????

6. Humor: there was no humor,but still no penalization for that.

7. Overall 10 GOOD JOB!!!!!


I never see this quality 3D animation in Flash !