Reviews for "Chain Reaction (3D)"

Good 3D but...

... I think your ball has a too constant speed reguardless of a real gravity system but maybe its me.

Otherwise very good and impressive, wich program did you use? Blender? 3D studio?

I'll wait for your next flash (real flash I hope ^^)

HeRetiK responds:

Softimage XSI :)

3D now we're getting somewhere

this was really amazing. the graphics were so cool and the music was awesome.

Excellent 3D physics work.

This was a great example of how good you have become in 3D graphics, as well as how the software works. It was pretty short, but seeing as how much work it intails to make an animtion in 3D, what you have done so far is excellent.

good work

first, nice flash checker. now i know that i do have flash 8:P

second, nice movie. a bit short, but in good combination with the music (though i didn't think that the music was that great, think it just wasn't my style)

anyway, prety nice movie.

Not bad, but the 3d could use some work.

The 3d is not that bad, but your scenes dont mesh. Try using a fixed point of light, so that the underside of an object does not have the same glare as the top side, and put in some sort of background. Also, the reflections of the dominoes are a little glitchy, try changing the refraction property or add a fresnel or someting. If bump mapped, it needs the reflection to ALSO be bumped. Focus on the little things. Also, when the domino hits the ground, add some bounce. The flash however, was really a very VERY basic movie, just stringing some renderings together. Add scene selection menu, or a replay button at the end. Change up the scene changes too. Fading in gets old in a hurry. Good luck wth the pixel monkey work. Im with you brother.