Reviews for "Chain Reaction (3D)"


Wow! That's one nice flash! Keep 'em comin'!


Very impressive masterpiece of flashart. You've got talent so keep it up.


That was very impressive!

I really enjoyed that. I hope you'll do more. Keep it up. :)

Good ol' Softimage ^_^

nice work using softimage, excellent camera choices and nice clean modeling. I still feel however that this is a bit unnecessary, a video of ones work in an unrelated field embedded into a flash movie does not represent Flash. Thou it may exhibit ones skill in animating within a 3d environment, i feel it does not reflect flash animation, and find it unfair that a menu created in flash and embedded footage of an unrelated program can win daily awards. Democracy has spoken...

HeRetiK responds:

i know what you mean, that's why I apologized in advance! ;)
but claymation also has it's place on NG, so why shouldn't 3D as well? Either way, take this as an exception, 99% of my other work is purely flash made nonetheless.


Okay these are amazing graphics!!!I am well aware that I were not using Flash to complete this, but this is incredible!! WOW! Dude Pixiar puts stuff on the big screen that looks just a small amount better than this! This must have taken for ever, although my computer isn't very good so it was having trouble running after the movie. Well it was an interesting idea, but WOW those were quiet impressive graphics! Try and make some more of them, even with simple ideas the graphics just will blow everyone away!