Reviews for "Chain Reaction (3D)"

Cool to watch

Cool to watch.

Though I've seen many of these types of things, this is the first time I've seen it done whilst time has been played with, like when you slowed down as the first ball hit and showed the see-saw multiple times - that was all cool.

I felt that it would've been good to have a wider shot of the spoon bit though as it was difficult to work out exactly what was going on there.

Also, slightly lacking in a satisfying conclusion.

Fun to watch though.

good work.

are you a futurama fan? i'm pretty sure i saw a slurm can in the movie. random. why the hell a slurm can. but i guess slurm is okey. wait now i got to remember that futurama episode where you see what the slurm comes from. an ASS! haha funny anyway. keep up the good work! :D


I made something like that... when I was 5 (Not diss'n you). Never thought of making a movie about it. It was a movie with really no point! The wood looked fake too? It was OKAY!


Good 3d animation! I hope that with more practice, we'll be seeing a 3d flash from with, you know, a plot and characters!


Not particularly interesting but great nonetheless.
I most liked the tube the ball went through and least like the poor quality of the wood.
You have to tell how you made a fast-forward button!!!