Reviews for "Chain Reaction (3D)"


That was awsome, like very awsome. And all was in 3D! Matching song and very good animation. By the way the physics seem real too.

Lol slurm

heh, the soda can was a slurm can, liek on futurama.

HeRetiK responds:


nice work.

Nice 3D. the music fitted well to what was happenning well done.

noice one

I thought it was great. really smooth movements. liked the music, too. it fits well. did u try that chain reaction urself? bet u did! c, I got u! dont even try deenying it =)

Awesome Flash =)

I'm glad to see that there's even here in Austria something going on, concerning Flash animation ^^

Great work man, awesome graphics with cool style, and slick music ;)

Keep up your good work =D

Greez from Carinthia ^^