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Reviews for "madness scene creater v4"

It's pretty good!

Graphics- there good madness guys, Now i don't know if you drew these or used a sprite sheet but there good none the less. 9/10

Style- not much, theres been a hell of alot of these lately. 3/10

sound- good madness music it's fine. 8/10

violence- IT'S MADNESS! what the hell do you think!?!?! anyways its pretty good violence there could of been more though >.> 9/10

Interactivity- This is game a pretty damn good one to :P 10/10

Humor- Its not funny.... 0/10

Overall- its a pretty good madness flash there could be more stuff in it, ive seen better ones but its pretty decent 7.5/10

matt2k7 responds:

thank u so much

can someone help me get it to work i really want to play


you needed alot more items and bodies, like one laying down for example or maybe just green parts

matt2k7 responds:

thanks maybe in v5

man i couldnt get creative with this

i had some great ideas going into this , but when i got there i couldnt do any thing. i shoulda been able to rotate some things so i can make my scene more dynamic.

matt2k7 responds:


its ok

its just another scene creator

also where the heck is V.1 and V.2

matt2k7 responds:

another auther made them check the madness section