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Reviews for "301 Dalmations"

pretty good, except for graphics

Even when I switched to low quality, the mouths and the sound did not match. Other than that, the humor was pretty good. At first I was going to blam this for the poor quality but after the first motivatiational speech, I was hooked. Good job, 3/5 from me

Emerald-Fox responds:

Sorry about the mouths and sound I'll try to fix it up in th future.
Anyway thanks for viewing/voting...


But the only advise I got is to fix the mouth movement when they talk.


lol, that was really good, why is it up for judgment? The only downside to that was the sound, the voices were... Ok, but it need more sound effects and much more music. oh, also... when the dogs stabbed the enemy's... it looked bad. Yu-gi-oh lol

Lost rocks! and that better not be how it ends! cos here in the UK series has just ended with Jack and Kate talking off the Island!

i liked the style but i wasnt interested

when they talked they would move their mouth like 3 extra times. I didnt really laugh... good try

Beautiful parody!

I like how you have combined the film 300 and the 101 dalmatians mixed with humor, violence and Very nice graphic.

We wait an other parody! :P