Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"

Very Insightful

This is a very interesting submission, clearly alot of thought has been poured into this animation, People with mental health issues are facinating. But I don't belive that hitler being secretly gay if that is correct contributed to him being the man he was, if he was the suppression of the homosexuals back then may have contributed to his mental state, but I think his main aim was to lead his people to a greater tomorrow but his methods were somewhat questionable.


I love you

Talk about being himself

Alfred seems to have a lonely life without his parents. Years later, he got promoted to manager of the taco restaurant, then he manipulates his employees to love him until he pushes them to death and all is left is himself to be all that self-obsession. I'm thinking about at the far ending he will get taken by the hospital in a strait jacket and then might find a way out to escape. Alfred seems to have a little feminine voice that I like about him. he maybe psychopathic but I do have a heart for him.


WTF was that, I'm still err... disturbed?

<3 , Love.

This is so far my favorite art peice from you, it was beautiful the whole way through and I fell in love with your personality and your voice.

Lol, amazing, keep it up pl0x.