Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"


Very Ren and Stimpy like and VERY genious. I hope to see many more cartoons from you.

Hey if you want to, PM me and may'be we can do a cartoon together?

(EX. of my work: Dave the Hungry Dinosaur, Peaches, I'm Your Photographer.)


emily-youcis responds:

I HAVE PM'd you! - i think, i am shitty at this newground system. If it did not go through please tell me.

All Hail To The Taco Fuhrer

Does our beloved Taco Fuhrer love me? Seriously though that was great I hope you make more toons like this.


I have not seen any flash movie like this - I love the BIRTHDAY PARTY! *BANG* part!

Ur voice is perfect for this.

The humour was excellent and of course the evil creepyness was great!

How long did it take u to do this and WHY do you not have a dam website (with maybe having alfred as ur site mascot :p)

This flash movie has got me curious of what the auther is actually like lol

keep it up, very well done

If you're not with Alfred you're with BTK !!

We have here an intelligent, cut-like-cinema-movies animation and It is very entertaining, you did great job, Alfred is at the same time nice and WEIRD. And the Stalin feature was cool. In fact, stalin is cool. Not hitler. Stalin was a mass-murderer too, but he had a bigger mustache. Similarly to Alfred who have bigger genitals than everybody.
Excuse my my poor english, I'm french (yes.)

I almost shitted myself!

That was way more scary than humorous! Yep, I'm going to have nightmares know. Please make more!!!