Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"

Wow what is the name of your dealer...

Good drugs aren't they bud.

Drugs are bad.

Seriously, were you doing some acid when you did this? lol.

emily-youcis responds:

no, but hopefully someday! Then some really fucked shit will happen, oh yes. i do so much want to merge with the universe/god and jump withthe technicolor potatogoblins though.

The score is way too low

Wow this was just...wow. I'm honestly shocked that this isn't in the higher 4.00 scores, this was clearly more then your average internet toon. Humour, story and seriousness were mostly conveyed visually, you knew how the characters mind worked and could sympathise with him on a bizarre level, and the animation was amazing. This is really up there with the great pieces of art animations of the last 10 decades; I can’t even imagine just how much work must have been put into this.

Please enter this into some respected animation festival and get the recognition you deserve…alright enough ramblings from me, thanks for the great entertainment.

It´s so damn fucked up

But it´s awesome in many ways, I dont quite understand how you were able to come up with all that, this move is truly brilliant. You must have a very complex mind to be able to portrait what you just did. Freaking awesome all in all.

HA HA HA HA!!! HAAAAA HA HA HA HA haaaaa....oh boy

Oh, good lord I love this guy. But c'mon, Alfred! WE still love you!