Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"


And this is why I will not accept power. I may not be as badly off as Alfred here, but power will go to my head. And the Stalins "Do it, Alfred!" made me smile.

I am scarred for life...

i can tell you took a long time making this, but there is something really wrong with you. I'm not trying to be mean, but this movie was one of the most f-ed up movies i have seen in newgrounds, and thats saying something. I have no idea what was going through you head as you were making this but i dont think i really want to. overall, good job.

Rather interesting.

That video pretty much sums up how a dictator wants to become a dictator from a young age, lack of love and such. People with kids out there, don't neglect them. You'll probly regret it when they're in power, if they ever manage to.

Talk about being himself

Alfred seems to have a lonely life without his parents. Years later, he got promoted to manager of the taco restaurant, then he manipulates his employees to love him until he pushes them to death and all is left is himself to be all that self-obsession. I'm thinking about at the far ending he will get taken by the hospital in a strait jacket and then might find a way out to escape. Alfred seems to have a little feminine voice that I like about him. he maybe psychopathic but I do have a heart for him.

Oh you naughty

Naughty, naughty, naughty girl!
I think you'll never stop to amaze me, I'm realy starting to love Alfred's adventures.
So disturbing... and brilliant!
You're a genius that's all.

And for now I shall go and seek the name of this magical song you love to use, for I will free the newgrounders' mind and mine by the way.

C ya and keep on rockin