Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"

Absolutely wonderful storytelling abilities here!

You did a great job with this. I can see you're influenced by Ren and Stimpty and Rocko's Modern Life a bit too. This was just plain amazing, and I loved every second of it. The only thing was some of the audio was just too plain soft to hear (although at the time it was apparent that was the effect you were trying to give). Other than that it was brilliant. Please keep doing flash!

emily-youcis responds:

Yeah, when i was a small child i watched ren and stimpy (when nick had quality shows and not pussy spongues). Alfred was mentally ill to begin with, but when i rediscovered Ren and Stimpy as an adolescent, Ren's psychotic episodes made me scream with Joy and the use of art, background, and camera angles in that show really opened my mind to going beyond the animation and make it all the more fucked.


This is THE most disturbing crap I've EVER seen. Period.