Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"

beauty is skin deep until you cut them open

this is definitely thought out. i don't have ne insults for you.

i can sea the time restrictions your animation style gives you - or otherwise your flash version itself - but i wouldn't say graphic quality is essential to this. in fact, for this particularly it is suiting bc of it's grotesque and undefined entirety. i think that's wut makes it all the better neway. if nething, i'd only be picky about your blood; blood is vital to alfred, so you could have made the blood appear more obscene, but that's nothing for which to take points off.

i really liked your use of different cinematic (should that be wut it's really called) techniques, and your success with dissolving humor into drama.

i'd wish that your other animations were as perfected, or that your storylines were as well developed as in this animation.

The musical part was good

When it was snowing and they were marching

Holy hell!

I just got mind-F***ed for 7 minutes. It's scary, sometimes funny, and yet strangely completely enjoyable.

It looks as if your completly mental...

And I love you because of this. A terrifying video that I can't help but love. 8/10 because I think i've lost some sanity just from watching this. You rock


This is just an all-around great animation, a little creepy, but still really good.