Reviews for "Rise of Alfred"

It's weird, this is the last thing of yours that I saw for a whole decade.
Luckily, when I hit hard times and the most pain I've ever known, the good community and your core fans here reminded me of you.
I'm so glad you went on to nurture your talents and produce such great work. Like really, thanks. It provides reaffirmation for me and stopped me giving up. After years. Most of that decade was spent losing faith in humanity and being told I couldn't do it. Thank you for showing me the light at the end of this very long winding tunnel.
I look extremely forward to any of your work I'm blessed enough to watch in future.

Wow, that felt truly epic. It was more like 15 minutes. I still loved it. It's great to see Alfred get more and more deranged. It's so crazy what this guy can do. I will admit the animation could have been better.

You do get better with later cartoons. You have no idea what insane thing Alfred will do next. He seems to have a female voice. Well, I don't care. Madness is so entertaining.

And thus, everyone's favorite sick bastard dog was born!

"they can't love me when they're dead" oh alfred, you sure did change your mind didn't you

I love your voice c: its just so pleasureable.