Reviews for "Mario's Secret Weapon"


I loved how you use the Oddworld sound effects and how Mario dissolved like Abe when he was shot.

Quality entertainment!

This made me literally roll around in my seat, laughing my butt off.

I love the oddworld series, and I thought that it was forgotten. This is hilarious work. I'm going to watch the next one now!

not too bad

hey, the dancing wuz cool :P:P

MEKofTheMEKkingdom responds:

And yet you give me a 4/10.


Lol the bloopers are funny, the slig just fell out of the hatch and broke his legs.. lol

Loved it

I love the Oddworld series and this was amazing. I love the animation. All my 5 are belong to this.

MEKofTheMEKkingdom responds:

Hey thanks! =D
I'm working on a sequel to this in fact; more blooper to come. >:3