Reviews for "Chaos War II"

I'm not saying you stole from Cosmoseth, but you definitely coppied his ideas. Every single game and movie you've uploaded are a crappy double of everything Cosmoseth has made.


Well dodge dosnt work properly... enemies can attack wheneva but u cant attack if their attacking so its stupid an u can block either, copied from rage

Carpo-ink responds:

Yeah, like you could make a game like this SOOOO perfect...


Dude there needs to be a block button and like I'm mashing and I can't seem to escape once they start punching me.

Carpo-ink responds:

The reason the isnt a block button coz dat i wan U to buy HP upgrades and waste $$$ XD!!!!

Cpopyer. Look at Cosmoseth's work...

all you did was copy cosmo's rage games, not very creative. i suggest to think up your own work, you never know how people will like. they could love it.