Reviews for "Chaos War II"

it has some problems

i noticed if you keep on doing the tutorial you could keep all your money and level up from it so someone could use the tutorial over and over to cheat and you really need to put in a block button i kept on getting owned when ever i got into a fist fight but besides that i thought it was ok for stick game i enjoyed it a bit so i give you a 3/5

Carpo-ink responds:

K i'll fix the tut.TIPS FOR YOU:
Use E to zoom out and use the gun OR
Keep playing and get $$$ and get some upgrades!

Nice job

Pretty good. It just gets a little bit repetitive after awhile.

Cool Game

Not bad at all but there's a lot of glitches such as shooting through walls, and money falling on the floor but you can't pick it up. A good idea might be to put different difficultys on the game. Good game though and I like the way you can buy diff. guns and get levels, but that's not a very original idea. Or for that matter an original game.

very well coded

for next time, when u make a game (not being negative, maybe try to have a bit smoother animation and such, dont get me wrong it wasnt bad, its just this had alot of peotential, and with updated graphics it would be great.

mine ran fine

mine ran perfectly for me the only problem was it never seemed like i hit the guy the bullet never seemed to hit him or my fist which ever one i decided