Reviews for "Chaos War II"

Great start!

You're on the right track, dude! this is a fun little game, if you can step up a little and fix some things (gameplay for one), Chaos Wars III is gonna be an awesome game!


Fucking awsome game! I loved it... even though there were minor errors :D I liked how if you were getting shot at, by the cannon or someguys with guns, you could use the missle (the key s) and avoid the shots(they would go through you) and kill the enemy <3 I loved it... Also you can fall through the map :D

Carpo-ink responds:

I noe about the falling map glitch, hey, if you go to elixir and jump-roll up the wall inside the tunnel, you'll fall right below the map!I've no idea how to fix, just try to avoid them...


Holding down the S key was fun. Oh and the game was ok too.

Good, but

WTF where are the other cheats?!?!?!?!? In the arena, after 10+ minutes and 100 kills, i did not get ANY cheats, what are the cheats and how do you get them, also, I have almost every weapon and 150 health, Level 12, 6 agi , 2 def and I think 7 or 8 str, HOW DO I GET MORE CHEATS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Stupid bastards

Moonraider17, Carpo-ink just made a game like Rage, he didn't copy you stupid asshole. You crapheads are too blind to see how good this is. I vote 5.