Reviews for "Chaos War II"

Not bad

It could still use alot of work though. Sometimes things would get stuck in corners so I couldn't get them. If it was a bit more strict with the platforms and went by a bit faster, It would've been alot better. You get a 3/5.

Great start!

You're on the right track, dude! this is a fun little game, if you can step up a little and fix some things (gameplay for one), Chaos Wars III is gonna be an awesome game!

Nice job

Pretty good. It just gets a little bit repetitive after awhile.

it has some problems

i noticed if you keep on doing the tutorial you could keep all your money and level up from it so someone could use the tutorial over and over to cheat and you really need to put in a block button i kept on getting owned when ever i got into a fist fight but besides that i thought it was ok for stick game i enjoyed it a bit so i give you a 3/5

Carpo-ink responds:

K i'll fix the tut.TIPS FOR YOU:
Use E to zoom out and use the gun OR
Keep playing and get $$$ and get some upgrades!