Reviews for "Chaos War II"

Cool Game

Not bad at all but there's a lot of glitches such as shooting through walls, and money falling on the floor but you can't pick it up. A good idea might be to put different difficultys on the game. Good game though and I like the way you can buy diff. guns and get levels, but that's not a very original idea. Or for that matter an original game.

pretty good

I mean other than some obvious glitches(I think) such as we cant attack while they attacking, shotting and punching through walls/hills, that dog boss wont die, and more i didn't get the chance to see, it has potential.

glitches fixed
make it obvious how our level points are being used
Less money(waaay too ez 2 get new wpns)
Different animations for the guns

Carpo-ink responds:

Dog boss?You mean the boss in Final hour(the desert)?It will die, its HP is only 150...And OK, i'll make it less money(i'll try, i think its a glitch) and i was going to add a special animation for the rocket launcher.....

It was ok

Being able to buy weapons and level up was pretty cool but the actual fighting needs work and the fact that your character can't do much when he's being attacked by multiple enemies kind of sucks. You need to improve the fighting engine and the graphics (atleast the background). But you did do alot of things right like having different modes, a tutorial and a shop.

Carpo-ink responds:

=D thanks!


Well dodge dosnt work properly... enemies can attack wheneva but u cant attack if their attacking so its stupid an u can block either, copied from rage

Carpo-ink responds:

Yeah, like you could make a game like this SOOOO perfect...

Quiet good

Graphics: fingersticks and OK background.

Style: Good animation and some good ideas such as zoom and air strike (you could use a gun that points with a laser the area to strike)

Sound: unbearable music and OK sound effects

Violence: a bit of violence nothing horrible

Interactivity: yeah the physics of the fingerstick weren't bad, some bugs, good combo, double jump etc

Humour: no humour except maybe these are fingersticks, not needed anyway

Good job