Reviews for "Chaos War II"

good game

if u press p look at the second word there
and then ucan adjust it for slow pcs
great game!

mine ran fine

mine ran perfectly for me the only problem was it never seemed like i hit the guy the bullet never seemed to hit him or my fist which ever one i decided

it has potential

i had many problems, and i got fed up and quit early on.

i see potential in this, but the game moved way to slow for me. the running, the shooting... i thought my comp was lagging and nuked my quality, but then realized that it was the game.

i didn't like that there was no block. if an enemy continuesly shot me, there was no hope of doing anything about it. also, the roll/dodge key didn't work for me. it would only work when i jumped and did an air roll, but nothign happened when i was on the ground.

you should also fix the floating slowly in the air thing. without gravity, the game kinda felt wierd.

you should be able to duck to, to dodge overhead shots.

also, give the game some visual style. it was very plain to look at.

and that euro techno music does not go with this type of game. I was like... huh!?

overall, there are faults here and there. this seems more like a beta version of the game. polish it up and work on it a little, could be something.

Carpo-ink responds:

Ok, i've alot of thing to clear up:
1. the game is lagging, you must have a super computer like mine, the frame rate its 25...
2.There ain't no doge key, roll is for moving quickly....buy hp upgrades, THIS IS NOT A GLITCH!
3.Ducking....i'll think about it...
4.There is gravity, is just that theres a flaw in the script that makes you float...
5.Thats MY style...look at Valley of Death!
6.eh..i think the music fits fine..BTW the levels are named after their BGM =D!
7.Beta version is over, i already had one...


Fucking awsome game! I loved it... even though there were minor errors :D I liked how if you were getting shot at, by the cannon or someguys with guns, you could use the missle (the key s) and avoid the shots(they would go through you) and kill the enemy <3 I loved it... Also you can fall through the map :D

Carpo-ink responds:

I noe about the falling map glitch, hey, if you go to elixir and jump-roll up the wall inside the tunnel, you'll fall right below the map!I've no idea how to fix, just try to avoid them...

very well coded

for next time, when u make a game (not being negative, maybe try to have a bit smoother animation and such, dont get me wrong it wasnt bad, its just this had alot of peotential, and with updated graphics it would be great.