Reviews for "300 sparta fun times mix"

we should all kick persians

it looks like fun so we should all kick persians like that.Much like I kicked that ostrich & then I found out that the ostrich had gone to australia.WTF DID I KICK!!!!

sound probs....

the sound was not in line with the images......other than that it was pretty good


I liked it because it was different. Maybe just my download speeds, but a bit choppy and repetitive. keep it up, try a star wars one.


It sounded like he was saying "Eggs! Eggs! Madness!" Lol, good vid, btw. Animation is all over the place like the user who reviewed before me said.. Probably the speed, I don't know.



the sound didnt match

it didnt go anywhere and basically had no point

the only part i give u cred on is the exploding into the building. other than that, it was a waste