Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"

Pretty good

You're comics kicked ass, you're games kicked ass, but netherstorm is still confusing. <:O-- Hehe, aside from that, can't wait for MIllie 4! Looks like (get ready for language that'll make you want to kill me) ub3r l33t Pwn$@uc3

Myroid responds:

Awesome. Go play it now.

Not as good...

I was the first one to find the robot in the second game (or atleast the first one to post about it)

-Well i definitly liked the frost mage one more.

-The platforms were improved slightly but still annoyingly hard to land on so that needs to be improved still

-With the enemies dieing and not respawning rlly hurt the game but i found a solution.
Have the enemies just have a +gold when they die above their head, make it so they don't continuously give gold everytime they respawn making it so they only give gold once. (could add jokes when rekilling s1 like broken stick or toothpaste, you get the idea)

-Upgrades - Could add some more ofcourse, could make this more of a important part of the game like where u get the whirlwind attack and different rage based attacks

-Instructions - That was poorly put together.....It was long and disorganized, Definitely would like it if it was neater and more organized (I barely read it how it was and had no idea what skills did because of it)

-Difficulty level - Add a easy/hard mode if not more, this version was rlly easy with enemies

-Boss - Every game just gets easier and easier....The first game was HARD the second game wasn't much of a challenge, but this game was sooooooo easy, i killed him in like less then 10 seconds if that no lie with full fire enchant

-Siting - This is a problem since it makes bosses no challenge since you can hide and heal via guerrilla warfare.

If i find anymore problems ill be sure to inform you since i see great hope for this game in the future

(on my search for all the enemies no cheating)

Myroid responds:

I hope you're ready for Millie Megavolte 4: Millie and the Death Priestess.

For the next game, I've spent a lot of time trying to make it look prettier and be more difficult. Without going on and on, check out http://www.myroidtypecomics.com/milli e4stuff.htm. It has all sorts of info on the development of Millie 4.

Also, make sure you stay tuned for the super duper awe-inspiring Millie Megavolte website. It's not ready yet, but it'll be pwntastic when it does launch.

Good luck with your search!


Reminds me of the good ol days when all you had was Hocus Pocus and a kickass lightning bolt. The influence is clear. Thank you for making the series.

Great Game

This game is cool and is great if you are bored lve it. :p


the varied attacks are kind of interesting.

the graphics aren't bad. the gameplay would be good if certain things were different. i don't like how you have to hold the attack key down to perfom an attack. the animation stops dead if you tap it. why?

the sounds were all ripped straight from WoW. i know this is based on the game, but i don't think that's grounds for ripping the sounds, unless you got permission from the devs of course.