Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"

great originality...

...must have been hard to copy all that stuff from world of warcraft

Myroid responds:

I was crying all the way to the bank.

Not bad

Some of the controls were hard to learn, but it was still nice. The character designs were very original, and it was much like a standard action game (which I like of course).


Could someone, please, tell me what happens if you kill all monsters??? Once I almost had it, I killed them all using your guide, but somehow I left one in the last level and so I failed... can someone please tell me what happens?

Myroid responds:

For killing every enemy in the game you get:
-Enough gold for two Rank 3 upgrades
-The secret boss fight
-A special message from Millie


yea go World of Warcraft!!!!!!!!!!

ps.rogues pwn

Nice game, but DAMN NETHERSTORM!

A fun game, though I found it easy, with the Stoneskin/Lifestealing combo...I haven't found all the enemies yet, even with the strategy guide...Probably because halfway through Netherstorm, I decide "Screw it, I just want out of here!" ...I've played the uncensored version, as well...I must say, I agree with Kilzek's sentiments regarding what he wants to do to that A-hole whole-heartedly...Overall, a fun game, one I just now got around to reviewing, though.