Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"

I like your games... but....

Great fighting, great combat options... good art....

Shame I quit in frustration usually before I get to far in any of your games... yeah, I'm the dude who can never seem to get the jumps right. I try and try, and even when I'm right on top of the platforms I seem to fall.

What gives.

Myroid responds:

This is an outdated version of the game--there's an easier version over at the website, milliemegavolte.com.

Try Millie 5 or 6 though, they don't have any of he bullshit jumping puzzle stuff.

awesome :)

it was really good game and the music was awesome

well i dont care what anybody else says

i like it whocares if you used sounds from the game and all the nubs cant read that its based off of WoW

All copied -_-

The sound is of World of Warcraft, the mobs are copyed from world of warcraft, the principal character too...
idiot -_-
The game is easy and patetic.

Myroid responds:

Why do all the idiots finding this lately think I was trying to pull a fast one with this game two years ago? It says clearly in the credits that this and the previous two games are based on Blizzard's WoW.

Not bad

Good game,the sounds of WoW yay.