Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"

hey just want to say this....

FOR THE ALLIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice little game you got there....

but the horde can suck a fat one! and usually do!!!

Myroid responds:

I'm pretty sure the Night Elf gents have a monopoly on cocksucking. Bunch of guys sleeping together for thousands of years... yeah. They were having a great time deep-throating each other until some stupid woman came along and broke up their fun.

would give a 10/10 5/5

but i hate gnomes with every fiber of my being... or any of the alliance, for that matter XP

Myroid responds:

Why do you think she hangs out with goblins and undead? Fuck the Alliance.


xD its WoW lmao


this seems based on wow...the sounds are the same and your skills are all warrior skills,using the concept of rage, so unorigional, but good none the less.

Myroid responds:

I'm just going to start posting this response to reviews like this: