Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"


This is the first time i play the mille serios and it looks to me as if its a world of warcraft thing anywayz great game graphics are awsome gameplay terrific .


The levels were much more challenging and interresting this time! YAY! go you!

That was hecka fun.

You know I've never played the first two but... heh.. I'm going to now. I had a great time playing this! I have to say though, that those little square platforms in the 3rd level can go %#*$ themselves... lol. Another thing, you put us through all that just to have her save her DAMN SELF? Sheeeeeeit... I was like as disappointed as he was! Lol, great game!

hmmm not bad

well it was OK but the sounds and stuff are just takn of wow and i dont like it when people get their ideas from other games and those wraith guys at the beginin look like the sand men from star wars i think this is just another 1 of dose games that are just luky to get the front page and for that i envy u

Myroid responds:



Nice game man i love it although the jumping and attacks could be better.
And the guy who but 0 interactivity must be a retard.