Reviews for "Squareman 2"


....well done. A fantastic gaming experience despite the aged graphic style. The chemistry is fantastically done. Your game is one of the reasons that I continually visit this site. Excellent.


This is a great game. I see that you have good flash skills and you could probably make better graphics and with that a greater overall game.
5 all the way

the squares!!!

lol, squares. You should have a cameo of a circle. Great game.

I liked it

Sweet, but your still a bastard.
On the part where it says not to fall down, theres a tree that you can see, but not what its stod on, hinting that theres a platform, and possibly a hidden life, but no, its just a floating tree, and a waste of a life.

Hazard-Productions responds:

oops, sorry man! I'll get rid of that and resubmit.

old school fun

I liked this, beat it pretty simply but enjoyed jumping on the blue guys over spikes to get somewhere.